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The Dr. Mel Gary Student Conference Presentation Award

The Dr. Mel Gary Student Conference Presentation Award provides travel grants to graduate students whose conference presentations have been accepted by a conference organizer. Conference presentations will strengthen students' CVs and consequently, their future ability to compete successfully for employment as psychologists. Additionally, conference attendance will facilitate professional networking and will enable students to explore cutting edge psychological Issues.

This Student Conference Presentation Award: "Donate to Dine," will honor the life and ideals of the late Dr. Melvin (Mel) Gary's legacy as an educator, mentor, and advocate of students and early career psychologists.

Members, relatives, and friends are invited to support Dr. Mel Gary's vision and legacy by purchasing $25 chances, called "Donate to Dine," in order to win up to a $100 reimbursement at a restaurant of the winner's choice, without geographic restriction. One winner will be drawn each year at the NJABPsi annual Family Cookout in June. Attendance is not required to win. The winner may dine at one's chosen restaurant between July 1 and December 31 of each year and submit the original receipt (up to a $100) for reimbursement. Donors may purchase multiple chances.

Donate to Dine
Student Rules

Click the button to donate $25 to the Dr. Melvin Gary Conference Presentation Award and to be entered for a chance to win $100 to dine at a restaurant of your choice.

Donate To Dine for Mel Gary Scholarship

Multiple chances may be purchased by donating more than once.